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To positively impact the lives of motivated job seekers!

Want to get a new job NOW?

The Perfect Job Search™ Online Course Shows You How!

Todd Bermont, founder of The Perfect Job Search™,
has helped thousands of job seekers get a new job!

Over 15 years ago, Todd Bermont was one of the pioneers to online education as he created the course 12 Steps to a Successful Job Search. Todd still teaches this course today as it is offered by over 2,000 community colleges and universities across the country. Mr. Bermont has been interviewed on FOX, CNN, CBS, and ABC TV and been featured in Forbes, SFGATE, the Chicago Tribune, CareerBuilder, and more.

Through his live workshops and online courses, he has taught over 15,000 job seekers how to land a perfect job. What Todd teaches you can't find on the Internet. He has worked for companies like APC, IBM, and Toshiba and have hired over 50 people throughout his career.

Todd knows what you are going through as he has lost a job four different times in his career. Thankfully, each time Mr. Bermont lost his job, he found a new one less than 30 days later using the very same techniques he will teach you in The Perfect Job Search. In fact, he has even landed jobs paying over six figures in his fifties. Yes, Todd has been around for a while. However, what he has learned and experienced over the years works.

The bottom line is Todd Bermont is here for one reason... to help you land a perfect job in less time than you ever thought possible!

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